Here We Are with Our Magical Ink to Create Changes in Kids' World

MAGINK is a group of tall kids who never want to grow up. When you get older, you usually forget about your childhood and everything you used to love about it. That’s why we strongly believe only kids can write for kids.

So here we are with our magic to create what kids love.

We are meticulous about the topics we choose and we do our best to put our ideas into words in the most creative and magically interesting way possible.

MAGINK Means Magic Plus Ordinary Letters of the Alphabet

In MAGINK Publishing House, where we provide a wide range of interesting, creative and illustrated books. Our books cover various areas such as self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, and motivation, and they are all aimed at integrating emotional intelligence.

We are passionate about delivering our books to every corner of the globe, with the goal of empowering children through knowledge and creativity.

Since our establishment in Germany in 2019, MAGINK has successfully spread its wings to 16 countries and 13 languages.

Join us on this journey and let's make a positive impact on the future of our children together.

Our publishing house is the master of transforming ordinary letters of the alphabet into pure magic. Don't be fooled by their ubiquity - letters and words are the building blocks of greatness, and MAGINK uses the most magnificent ink to combine them in the most creative ways possible, resulting in something truly extraordinary.

Idea Builders

Our ideas are developed during intense ideation sessions and then written through the magical pens of our talented authors. They are a group of creative grown-up kids who never wanted to grow up and so they didn’t.